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For three months, I wrote the Green Zone column, offering readers interesting stories, helpful insights, and useful tips on current green topics. Often, my column would draw attention to the work being done by this region's local green folks; the Bohemian covers Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties.

* Jan 7, 2009 - Safer by Design: Greening chemistry for healthier living

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* Dec. 31, 2008 - Divine Intervention: China's Taoist masters are mobilizing for the sacred earth

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* Dec. 24 - Waste Not, Want Not: Disposing of holiday detritus responsibly

* Dec. 17 - Earth-Friendly Imbibing: Sharing your holiday merry with the planet

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* Dec. 10 - Connecting the Dots: Marin Organic nurtures synergistic creativity for people and the planet

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* Dec. 3 - Celebrating Winter: Summerfield's Winter Faire offers eco-gifts and earth-centered festivities

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* Nov. 26 - Eco-Clothing Direct: Wear the change you want to see in the world

For savvy local eco-shoppers, one of this season's special delights is Indigenous Designs' holiday warehouse sale, offering significant discounts on Indigenous' beautiful, handcrafted, fair trade, organic and natural-fiber clothing. This column goes behind the scenes to learn more about this idealistic company and its successful journey.

* Nov. 19 - Earth-friendly Economics: Remodeling our economic system to better harmonize with the planet

The current economic crisis has brought to our collective awareness the need to modify our economic system. However, instead of just returning to the old unsustainable game, why not take advantage of the current disruption to make the deeper changes so vitally-needed for the survival of ourselves and the planet? Here's some thoughts about how we might approach this and what we might request. This column features a discussion with long-time local professor of ecological economics Bruce Macpherson.

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* Nov. 12 - Nature's Magical Discovery Hut: Exploring earth's intricacies is not just for kids

An adventure at Spring Lake's Environmental Discovery Center

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* Nov. 5 - Climate Healing: Making sense of the current proposed climate change solutions

With information about the local Climate Protection Campaign.

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* Oct 29 - Adventures in Eco-Voting: Discerning between green fact and fiction

Includes information about local races.

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* Oct. 22 - Fields of Gold: In search of the great (organic) pumpkin

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FOR MORE INFORMATION: You might also be interested in my articles on related topics in my Ask EcoGirl column.

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