Two Syndicated Eco-Columns

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Dear Editor -

It's no secret that "green" is now the hottest topic in media, as the mainstream culture finally catches up to those of us long passionate about protecting the precious earth and its ecosystems.

However, today's readers want more than grand visions, veiled product promotion, and celebrity endorsements. They want intelligent, realistic, and useful information about how to best make a tangible positive difference for the planet.

Two new syndicated columns now make it easy for your periodical to offer your readers accurate and useful information about being green in their everyday lives.

You get convenient, high-quality, and affordable information -- and readers keep coming back for more.

These timely columns:

* Get readers up to speed quickly on key vital issues, deepening their understanding and offering practical actions that allow them to truly be part of the solution.

* Cover a wide range of topics, including: global warming, green energy, eco-transportation, organic food and agriculture, toxics and alternatives, green travel, eco-dining, green gardening, book reviews, web resources, and more.

* Include specific and local implementation information, customized for your geographical region, making it easy for readers to move straight into action.

* Are written by Patricia Dines, a professional freelance writer both knowledgeable and experienced in communicating effectively and compassionately about environmental topics.

These columns are offered monthly, although we can be flexible for your periodical's specific needs.

COLUMN #1: Ask Eco Girl.

You can attract readers in a single bound! With this syndicated eco-advice column (with a superhero spin), readers submit questions for the eco-geek supergirl to unravel and illuminate. She provides valuable summary information, then offers practical tangible steps that readers can take today. They feel empowered to make a difference in their lives and in the world -- and, by their participation, a little more connected with your periodical.

EcoGirl makes it easy for everyone to be superheroes for the planet! (Plus she comes with a fun logo!) You can also arrange for geographical exclusivity (if still available for your area) and local content customization.

To download a quick summary flyer about EcoGirl, click here. For more information, see the Ask EcoGirl page or email EcoGirl at <ecogirl [at]>. Don't miss the next edition!


COLUMN #2: EcoHealthy Living. With independent thinking and a helpful inspiring voice, this column summarizes key current environmental topics, and suggests constructive actions that readers can do to make a positive difference. For more information about this column, including samples, see <>.


About Patricia Dines. Patricia Dines brings to these columns 25 years experience as a professional writer, including 15 years specializing in environmental, health, and community issues. In addition to writing articles on these topics for a variety of periodicals, she has written two local organic guidebooks, The Organic Guide to San Francisco and The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties. Both of these books been recommended by a wide range of periodicals, all the way up to the national media. Since 2000, she has also been Editor and Lead Writer of The Next STEP newsletter, which gently educates readers about everyday toxics and easy effective alternatives. Readers consistently communicate that they value this newsletter, with many giving specific examples of changes they've made in their lives as a result of the information from the newsletter. Ms. Dines has extensive knowledge about environmental topics, and is passionate about sharing this with readers in a helpful and empowering way. For more information about her skills and background, see <>

Next Steps. To talk further about serving your readers by including either of these columns in your pages, please contact Patricia directly at <pd [at]>. Please put "Columns" in the subject line. All questions and comments are welcome. Our goal is to make this information as accessible as possible!


Also Available for Individual Articles. Patricia Dines is also available to write articles on a variety of environmental topics, including local organic restaurants, local green travel, greening your home and office, eco-gardening, detoxing your life, and more. To discuss this further, please contact Patricia at <pd [at]>.

Thank you for your interest in this work for a healthier world for all!

Patricia Dines
Freelance Writer, Editor, & Graphic Artist
Specializing in Environmental, Health, and Community Issues
EMAIL: pd [at]


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