Patricia Dines' talk at the March 28 Sustainability Conference

On March 28, I gave a talk "Detoxing Your Life" at the Sustainability Conference in Guerneville, overlooking the beautiful Russian River.

My goal with my presentation was to support folks in reducing their exposure to everyday toxics and thus nurturing the health of themselves, their families, and our shared ecosystems.

I walked attendees through a systematic approach that I've developed for identifying the everyday toxics in all areas of your life, then prioritizing the ones you want to reduce. Throughout, I invited people's specific questions. In addition to personal actions, I also look at community-level actions.

My message is that we don't have to be powerless to the threat of hidden toxics in consumer products and our environment! I've been researching and writing about this topic for many years, including writing The Next STEP newsletter which gently educates people about everyday toxics and effective alternatives.

Attendee response to this talk was enthusiastically positive and engaged, with them feeling ready and inspired to implement new ideas in their lives. That's the outcome I'm going for!

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