Patricia Dines' appearance on "View from the Bay"

On Aug. 19, 2009, I was a guest on "The View From The Bay," a daily TV talk show on San Francisco's ABC station KGO. It's hosted by Spencer Christian and Janelle Wang and produced live in San Francisco.

Being on the show was lots of fun! I was delighted to share both my approach to eco-action (by inspiring and empowering folks to make a difference) and to offer their viewers some easy eco-tips. Plus folks heard about my Ask EcoGirl column and were invited to my presentations at the Napa Fresh Aire Festival, August 28-30.

I've put some screen shots below. You can see the segment, and get more info about the topics we covered, at (

If you saw the show, I welcome your feedback! And, if you're on Facebook, I invite you to be an Ask EcoGirl fan there. It's an easy way to stay connected with my eco-information -- and show your support for my cheerful work for a healthier world. See (

More about my "Ask EcoGirl" column is at (, including past columns and how you can bring this syndicated eco-inspiration into your periodical.

And a big thank you to everyone's support of my adventures in TV Land -- including Kathleen Iudice of the Festival for her great work setting up this appearance. How wonderful! (More about the Festival is below. If you do come to the gathering, I invite you to come to my talks and say hi!)



Oh, a few "insider" tidbits from my KGO experience.

Did you know that the beautiful Bay Bridge image on their back wall is a live video view? You can see boats moving! They have other cameras situated in town that provide images. Very cool.

Also, the cameras on the stage are "robotic", meaning there's no cameraperson there. I'm figuring that they're controlled remotely, e.g. from the control room? (Which also looked very cool, in my passing glimpse of it.)

Oh, and in the "green room" (for guests backstage) they had a water jug and paper cups, with a sign explaining that they moved to this from single-use bottles for eco-reasons. (Single-use bottles are very eco-wasteful!) I love that the show/station did that AND put up a sign explaining it, perhaps inspiring others to follow! :-)


"Great job, Patricia. You were clear and concise and positive--a fantastic poster girl for us eco-ites."
- Jul Bystrova

That makes me happy! -- PD

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