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Portfolio Detail: Sonoma Compost Company


CLIENT: Sonoma Compost Company (SCC), 2009-201-
Petaluma California,, 707 664-9113
Contact person/s: I work directly with co-owners Will Bakx and Alan Siegel

For 25 years, SCC's community composting operation has been diverting yard and agricultural waste from the landfill and turning it into useful organic composts and mulches that nurture local farms and gardens. Yes, this is where our green can waste goes!

My work has included writing, editing, and doing the graphic design for SCC newsletters, articles, handouts, coupons, and more. The overall goal is to help SCC effectively communicate both their story and benefits to customers, government officials, and community members.

Below is summary information about key projects that I've done for SCC.

Please note:

* I've included reduced low-resolution images on this page to give you a sense of the final images. However, these projects were originally designed larger and for print and thus look blocky on the screen.

* To see the full size attractive versions, click on the noted sample page links.

* Note that the sample pages here are formatted as PDF files. For a (free) PDF reader, click here

* Please let me know if you'd like further information on these projects and my services. More about my offerings is at

Projects to date

* Wrote, edited, designed, and produced two newsletters.

My role included editing SCC's draft articles for clarity and impact, researching and writing additional articles, integrating client graphics, obtaining appropriate added images, implementing attractive graphic design, updating for client edits, and managing the newsletter printing and mailing process.

Click on these links to see the complete newsletters in PDF format:

- Oct. 2009, 6 pages including 2 page survey

- March 2010, 4 pages


* Arranged for publication and wrote two articles about SCC to help promote the company and its benefits to the community.

Click on these links to read the articles as text with the option of viewing a formatted PDF:

- "A Deeper Shade of Green," NorthBay biz magazine, March 2010.

- Sonoma Compost: Celebrating 25 Years," Sonoma-Marin Farm News, Feb. 2010.


"Dear Patricia -- Thanks for the story on Sonoma Compost. It's a great read that our readers will find both interesting and educational. We are happy to have the work of a pro and welcome further stories by you on topics related to the agricultural industry in Sonoma and Marin Counties."
Tim Tesconi, Editor Sonoma-Marin Farm News, Previously Ag Staff Writer for the Press Democrat (33 years)

* Wrote short articles on SCC and co-owner Will Bakx for Sonoma West profile ads.

Click here and here to download the files in PDF format.

* Wrote, edited, and created attractive graphic presentation for educational handouts to encourage support of SCC by community members and government representatives.

Click here for an example in PDF format.


* Created a modified company logo to use in event programs. The design resonates with the current logo to keep brand identity while being more visible in program formats.



* Updated and refined the content and graphic presentation of various SCC coupons.

Click here for an example in PDF format.


* Edited Yellow Page ads (graphics and content), for increased clarify, impact, and effectiveness.



Note: I've created newsletters, educational materials, talks, training, and events for a variety of business, government, and nonprofit clients. More about my offerings is at Please contact me to explore how I might assist you in reaching your goals!


PD [at] • (707) 829-2999
708 Gravenstein Hwy N, Suite 104 • Sebastopol, CA 95472

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