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Patricia Dines

Freelance Writer, Editor, Public Speaker & Graphic Artist

Specializing in Environmental & Community Topics


"I unhesitatingly recommend [Patricia Dines] to any company or agency
looking for a highly creative individual
who can deliver the desired product for customers or audiences
of any community."

Dave Brennan, Sebastopol City Manager


Do you need to create persuasive and accurate eco-content for your organization's website, newsletter, handouts, or other materials?

Would you love to have someone pitch in who you can count on to get your tasks done competently?

I can help you effectively communicate your green message!


EXPERIENCED. I've been a professional freelance writer and educator for 25 years. For the past 15 years, I've specialized in communicating about environmental and community topics. My work has included informative and empowering books (The Organic Guides), columns (Ask EcoGirl), newsletters (The Next STEP), and articles in a wide range of periodicals.

PROFESSIONAL. I can provide you with well-crafted content while meeting deadlines, getting the facts right, and delighting your customers and staff. This makes your life just a little less stressful!

MULTI-TALENTED. I can also bring forward additional skills to help you complete your project and reach your goals -- including research, editing, graphic arts, training, public speaking, workshop design, production management, and more!

This all means that I can "hit the ground running" on your project, working with you and your current team, providing the convenience of my diverse background and skills, and producing quality results when you need them.

I can help you get that project off your do list and into the real world!


My skills can assist you with many aspects of creating inspiring eco-educational information, whether you need just a few pieces or a full campaign.

What phase would you like assistance with?

PHASE: PLANNING an effective educational campaign

I can work with you to design an approach that will reach your target audience and achieve your educational and action objectives.

PHASE: PRODUCING engaging and accurate printed and online materials.

* I am able to do... Design • Research • Writing • Editing • Layout • & Production

* To help create your... Newsletters • Articles • Flyers • Handouts • Booklets • Reports • White papers • Press information sheets • Website content • Class & Workshop Materials

PHASE: PRESENTING empowering ideas and information.

* I am able to do... Public speaking • Training • & Training Design

* To help create your... Public and In-house Talks • Classes • Workshops • & Events

What do you need help with today?


While I can cover many topics, I have special knowledge and depth in these areas.

• Transitioning to alternative energy sources, and energy conservation
• Organic and sustainable food and agriculture, to help protect ourselves and our ecosystems
• Everyday toxics and healthier alternatives, to stop the harm of unnecessary pollutants
• Waste reduction and proper disposal
• Ecological living
, so that we can all be part of the solution
• Personal growth and healing, so that we can gracefully shift and bring more joy to ourselves and others, and
• Effective individual and community action, that truly makes a difference in the world


The environment is a timely topic, but not new to me. I love the earth and deeply value the ways it fundamentally empowers our lives, our health, and our journeys. Therefore I've been moved to use my writing skills to help us live more gently on the planet.

We can shift to greener ways -- joyfully! Too often eco-writers bring only despair -- and thus avoidance. That's why I've spent the past 15 years exploring how to write about these issues in a way that deepens understanding while empowering cheerful action. Knowing that we can make a difference is a joyful feeling!

I hope that with my work I can help create a world and a future that's healthier and happier for everyone.

Therefore, I delight in creating content that is:

ENGAGING. Environmental writing doesn't need to be depressing or complex. It can be passionate, compassionate, useful, and inspiring. In fact, it works better that way!

INSIGHTFUL. Because of my knowledge about environmental issues, I can provide truly useful information, analysis, and perspectives.

EMPOWERING. I love digesting complex information, then presenting it in an accessible way that deepens understanding and empowers truly meaningful action.


 Example Client

You can explore the work that I've done for this example client, Sonoma Compost Company.

My projects for them have included: writing, editing, graphically designing, and producing two newsletters • writing and arranging for publication of two profile articles • writing short articles for profile ads • writing, editing, and graphically presenting educational public handouts • and editing the text and graphics on coupons and ads for greater clarity and impact.


On my
Portfolio webpage, you can peruse more detailed information about my current and past projects, including my syndicated column (Ask EcoGirl), books (The Organic Guides), newsletter (The Next STEP), and freelance articles.

 Quick PDF

This Quick Resume & Portfolio PDF summarizes my key writing projects and client feedback.


Sample newsletters:

* The Next STEP. Since the 2001 premiere issue, I've produced this bi-monthly newsletter for the City of Sebastopol, as Editor, Lead Writer & Graphic Artist. Delivered to residents in City water bills, this newsletter offers readers friendly, helpful information about common household toxics, proper disposal methods, and the wonderful less-toxic approaches available. The Next STEP implements the Sebastopol Toxics Education Program (STEP), the City's innovative program to reduce the use of pesticides and other toxics, thus creating a healthier and safer town for everyone. Click here for more information and to view past issues.

Sample report:

* Charting a Path for a New Energy Future for Sebastopol. I was the Executive Editor & Report Coordinator for this 62-page report of the City of Sebastopol Citizens Advisory Group on Energy Vulnerability (CAGE), which explored how the City could maintain municipal services in the face of upcoming peak oil (energy supply) issues. I then presented the report to the City Council.

Sample columns:

* Ask EcoGirl. This syndicated superhero eco-advice column answers readers' questions about the practicalities of going green! Click here for more information and to view past columns.

Sample feature story (first-person):

* Delighting in Our Delicious Local Farms, West County Gazette, May 2008. This cover story savors the delights of buying in season from local farmers -- and the benefits to community, earth, health, and wallet. Then it shows you how to do it, with a schedule of local farmers markets and links to directories of local farms and CSAs. There's even a table showing what's in season when. How fun! Click here to download the article laid out, in PDF format.

Sample book review:

* Book Review: Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House

Also, see my
What's News webpage for my most current writing announcements.


Biography webpage gives more about my background and history.


To explore how I might assist you in reaching your goals, contact me directly to chat or schedule a free half hour initial consultation.

My services are affordable and offered on an hourly, project, or event basis. Special rates for non-profits.


PD [at] • (707) 829-2999
708 Gravenstein Hwy N, Suite 104 • Sebastopol, CA 95472


"I am writing … to express my deep appreciation for
Patricia Dines' outstanding and unique work in writing, editing, and
providing the graphics for the widely successful [STEP] newsletter
The community response has been overwhelmingly positive
and I believe the use of toxics in Sebastopol has declined significantly as a result of [it].

Patricia applied her writing and organizational talent when appointed to the
"Citizens Advisory Group on Energy Vulnerability" (CAGE),
which addressed sustaining City services in the face of upcoming peak oil impacts....
Patricia clearly demonstrated her ability to bring the committee focus on
producing the final report
using her communication and organizational ability….

Patricia's more recent venture into writing "Ask EcoGirl" provides … helpful answers
to the many questions people have related to environmental and energy issues.
The writing style presents the information in an
easy to understand manner
which raises the interest level of the reader.

Patricia has provided valuable contributions of her talent
to Sebastopol and Sonoma County.

I unhesitatingly recommend her
to any company or agency
that is looking for a highly creative individual
that can deliver the desired product
for customers or audiences of any community."

Dave Brennan, Sebastopol City Manager

"We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.
The world henceforth will be run by the synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely."
E. O. Wilson, Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

Photograph by Patricia Dines
(c) Patricia Dines, 2003. All rights reserved.


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